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From: samuel taylor
Subject: Brother's-Keeper 2Disclaimer: Story for open minded adults, Minors don't
read. Contains same sex naked amateur preteen and s/m themes, for mature
readers only.Brother's Keeper: The RewardSeth was very much excited to grant Damion's
wish to be stroked off, he thought about it all day,
as he watched Damion at work. Damion had come a long
way, he looks healthy, content, ambitious and
respectable to the mainstream customers, who shop at
the grocery. He is polite and helpful to the lost
elderly seeking a canned good beyond their reach,
or a mother who is overloaded with a bag of groceries
in one hand and the baby in the other.
Even the other employers like him, but of course
no one knew the dark times of his detox, the weeks
of agony Seth had to put up with, helping him kick.
Of course some of the other employers, knew Damion was
staying with Seth, but didn't question it, because it
was none of their business. Damion never told anyone
about his affair with Seth, mainly because he didn't
want to be so disrespectful and
spoil a good thing. Damion loved Seth as an older
brother even after many arguments with him at dinner.
Seth was not a mean master, only a fair
and respectful one. He never tried to manipulate
Damion, or pull guilt trips on him, or beat him
severely, or deny him basic putas preteens rights as a human, he onlydisciplined Damion and provided for him. Damion was
always doing things to deserve punishment, like
not folding his clothes properly, or coming in
the store drunk once, on his day off.
Damion knew when he crossed the lined with his
surrogate brother and took the punishment like
a dude. Damion always felt ashamed for the actions and
apologized after. Of course Damion loved being
disciplined, it was arousing for him. Seth enjoyed it
to, because it gave him control. One thing Damion
appreciated was how Seth transformed him into a clean
crew cut boy dressed in normal clothes, so he looked
like the other normal dudes, who shopped at the store
to. Damion sometimes missed his punk looks, especially
when some punks would scoff at his webring preteen bbs tan pressed pants
and white T, button dress shirt and white briefs,
while they wore rotten dirty clothes. Damion
felt embarrassed a bit, but soon he felt that he was
superior to them, in the long run since they didn't
understand the transformation he had undergone.
He will always respect the street punk ways, but he
prefers the straight jock look he has now.
Seth never had a chance to rebel from porno preteen models
his father,
while living with him, but he certaintly did, when he
moved free preteen insest out and and took over his father's store.
Seth grew his hair long, and plays drums in a metal
band, he looks conservative only at work, but he gives
his workers alot of respect and freedom than his
father would allow, since his father was a strict
Seth is strict, but not a dictator. He goes against
the corporate convention of the grocery industry.
He charming preteens hires illegal immigrants, ex-convicts, punk kids,
gays, lesbians, radicals, elderly. Now of course,
his grocery store has rules, and the employees have to
dress properly, but it isn't as clonish as some super
chains. Seth demands honesty, hard work and if any
problem arises, he deals with it diplomatically.
Seth's father was abusive to him, but he just
took it as a sign of tough love. Seth interest in S/M
grew out of his southern gothic heritage, as a family
who owned slaves. Seth enjoys the leather-fetish
in Atlanta Georgia, when he was in college.
His roomate was a horse rider, from Carolina
who had a riding crop and nice leather boots.
Trevor a long brown haired, tall six foot,
Southern aristrocrat French looking boy
taught Seth the ropes about being a proper gentleman
master and slave. Trevor enjoyed Seth's virginity,
since he was experimentally gay, and Seth a bisexual,
didn't mind. Trevor was the one who taught Seth
his master techniques. Trever believed in the
elite class of men who ruled over over the masses.
Trever respected Jefferson as an ideal ruler, and role
model. "Slaves are not property, they are mallable
minds who need guidance along with their own inner
knowledge" In a sense to be a master, is cute preteens thumbs not to be an
all knowing ruler, but a faciliator and guide post to
the weak. Some men are more powerful and brighter
than other men, not all are created equal.
Seth would argue, that free preteen insest what was meant by equality, was
essentially spiritual, which Trevor somewhat agreed,
but argued that there is even a gap among men's
spirituality. Some men posses more, some less.
Seth finally realized Trevor's point when he went to
two different churches and realized one preist was
better than the other, since one possesed an a sharp
insight on a man's soul, even when he also
that man's soul is infinite in defining.
Seth reaalized he is a leader and some men need
good leaders to look up to. Damion looked up to Seth,
because he was weak and not able to help himself.
Damion sees Seth as beautiful role model,in a
brotherly way. The reason why
he wants Seth to stroke him, is because he has no
girlfriend and he wants a male bond.
Trever taught a Seth his views of sexuality,
"Men must enjoy physical bonds with other men,
no matter how society demonizes, the male bonding
experience, it is simply what makes the world go
around." "Englighten men understand this, even the
Greeks, realized the male bonding between teacher and
pupil." "Calling it gay, only puts a lable on what is
natural anyway." "There really is no such label."
Seth argued, "Well what about the gay movement?"
"The gay movement only marches, when it is blocked."
Trever answered cryptically. As a gay person, he
will voice his opinions when the mainstream society
tries to deny basic commonsense asian preteen sexy
from the gay man's
world which is really the same as the straightman's
world. "Why can't gays preteen nonnude binaries
marry legally?" "This preteen buttocks
would be
allowed in common sense preteen dighest thinking."
Seth realized that there really is no different in
gays or straight people, except gays prefer each
and straight people prefer the opposite sex. Of coursewith Seth he prefered both. "You are a bi, but
your orientation can change" Trevor said one
after playing street hockey with Seth.
It was true, Trevor moved to France and fell in love
with a girl, who was open minded like himself.
Seth realized his love for Damion was out of brotherly
love, Damion needed a change, and Seth chose a new
change for him. Seth used the jockish clean cut look,
as an image to help Damion, not put him in a
stereotype. Damion didn't mind looking so crew cut,
actually he enjoys the role. He enjoys being strip
searched and dressed in just whitebriefs and T and
socks as Damion watches as a master.
To Damion, Seth owns him for awhile anyway, better
give back all the respect he has to his master.
Damion really enjoyed getting his hair cut, as a sign
of a change, getting stroked off will be the ultimate
male bonding experience.
Seth took Damion home and began the stroke off plan.
He told Damion to pick a safe preteen buttocks word, in case he wanted
to invoke during any time in which, Seth would stop
any action on Damion. "Jock cadet"
"OK" "From now on, you must do what I say."
"yes sir!" Damion said.
Damion was dressed in his work clothes, he was
instructed to undress, and fold the clothes neatly.
Damion stepped out of his pants and shirt,standing as
obediant boy in briefs, as Seth commmanded him to
lie down. Seth would use a cool jerk off method Trever
taught him, the French Boy Orgasm!
Seth was wicked excited. He first ran his hands
over Damion's body, and smoothed out his T shirt
wrinkles. Damion's T was tucked in as instructed and
Seth just moved down upon his white briefs, slowly
peeking into his fly pouch. Damion small dick aroused.
Seth expertly tied Damion hands and ankles
in professional s/m knots not to tight or loose.
He told Damion to relax and close his eyes.
Seth got a pair of sissors, two fresh
pair of white FOL briefs, and crew T
and a electric shaver small cloth, water spray bottle
with Old Spice in the water and a cold glass rod, from
the freezer and marbles.
and some Bengay ointment.
First the rub down,
Seth rubbed Damion down in his underclothes as to calm
and make him feel good.
Then he slowly erotically cut his T shirt off
exposing the hard nipples. The slow action and
delicate touch excited Damion, the cool air and spritz
the water bottle on his chest felt so good.
Seth peeled the wasit band down near Damion's ball
sac and with quick flings, snapped the waistband
against the balls. the Fruit of the Loom lettering
stretched and distorted as Damion puny dick
began rising from the erotic throbs.
One thing damion enjoyed was white tight briefs to
confine his jewels. Seth enjoyed Damion's issued
clothes because white briefs are so basic and
humiliating to wear in a slave boy setting.
Damion liked boxers, but Seth purposely bought briefs
as a humiliating punishment.
"No boxers for my slave boy!"
"Yes Sir!" Damion yelped.
Soon the briefs were cut off and his dick was a
straight arrow.
Seth began shaving Damion's pits and pubes, soon he
looked like asian preteen sexy
a real slave boy. Damion looked down and
saw what happen and was so humiliated he cried.
"Please took my masculine look away!"
"Hush boy!"
I will give it back"
Seth placed the glass rod
on his pits cute preteens thumbs and stomach, the cold
sent orgasmic ripples through his body as he tried to
arch his back.
The dick errupted as a volcano preteen biy sending hs semean
flowing. Damion screamed in a girlish falsetto
as the cold rod, dominated him.
Now for the Marbles and Ben Gay.
Marbles coated with Bengay
a heat ointement
where taped to his ball sack,
and Damion was untied at the ankles and
ordered to put on two pairs of briefs
to make a preteen picture bbs tight brief corset, his T was
put on and tucked in tightly to secure the
Marble pack. Hours passed and the Marble pack
began burning the sensitive groin, Damion
cried as he erupted a bunch of times.
Seth bent over him and caressed his
nipples and spoke French an erotic
poem about a bad boy who had an affair
with his Master's stable boy, that he had to
get kissed by his Master, while enduring his balls
in a pleasure pain as collateral until the Master
finished his long tounge and mouth kiss, and the boy
said Je taime "I love you"
Damion felt so shameful and submissive,
Seth beautiful long blonde hair, and hazel green eyes
in his face, Seth looked like a beautiful vampire.
Damion moaned "I love you master." He let Seth's kiss
overpower him. Damion never felt so much brotherly
in his life.
He was then stripped and washed up
in the shower. He was re-briefed and crew T-ed
as he began his chores of making dinner.
He thought that he might be gay.
Seth told him don't worry about it, and in fact
that his slave time was almost up.
Damion realized that he would miss his brother.
He decided to buy his brother master a gift to say
thank you, a leather jacket an expensive one, made
from quality leather imported from Germany.
Seth was so shocked he cried too. daddys preteen whore A week later
Damion was going to leave.
Damion packed his issued clothes amd uniform and
stood in the door way a handsome boy waiting to
be seen off by a proud father, or master.
Seth presented to Damion with some travel money,
and a silver ring earing, fine English silver jewelry,
as a token of his service. Damion who's ears were
pierced anyway let Seth put in. He looked marvelous.Now a days, Damion still dresses crew cut clean, but
on preteen buttocks the weekends he punks out. He sees other junkies
and losers and he vows to someday, be a brother keeper
and take in a guy and teach him about being a
respectable man, something that is not taught very
well by
conventional society. please comment
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